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The Rock is Saskatchewan's first 24-hour commercial Christian radio station, launched in December 2005 at 50 watts, covering the area of Yorkton and a rural area of about 30 kilometres. In December 2011, The Rock became one of the largest Christian radio stations on the prairies with 50,000 watts, reaching 130,000 potential listeners. I partnered with the Rock to write and produce 7 jingles for them as they re-brand their station in 2021.

I started writing for this album in 2019 for Graffiti Alley, a Canadian label representing artists for sync licensing under the parent company APM. The album is entirely written, produced and performed by myself with notable contributions by Joel Ivey on songwriting and vocals on various tracks and Steve Gibson on guitars. The album is mainly inspirational pop/rock with elements of folk and EDM mixed in. Check out for other great artists and to use these tracks in any of your videos. 

Precious Ogundu is a composer singer and song writer, with a passion for Christian and inspirational music. Born in the city of Port-Harcourt; Rivers State, Nigeria. He started song writing at the age of 14 but did not release his first single until September 2019.

He is versatile in his writing and singing style and enjoys singing in different languages (English, Pidgin English, Spanish, Igbo, Ikwerri, Yoruba) although he only speaks English, he's able to sing in other languages by translating his English lyrics and then learning how to sing the songs in that particular language. His first attempt at this was in his May 2020 release "Ellos No Saben".

He has recorded 5 singles at Bright lights Studio.

Steve Gibson is a country rock artist from Newcastle. Since moving to Canada, he has released a couple of singles to national radio and has received several awards from the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. He refers to himself as a guitar player who sings, rather than a singer who plays guitar.


He continues to perform shows across Saskatchewan from the club circuit to festivals. Steve has been writing and recording his own material for the past couple of years, including partnering with Bright Lights Studio to produce and record his latest single with more to come!

Joel Jones is a worship leader for over 9 years at his church in Melville, SK.  He started his music project after a farming accident in 2018 as a way to share his story and his faith to his community. 

He's recorded 2 songs at Bright Lights Studio 


Katy Turgeon is a singer from Regina SK. I have known her for a number of years and have heard her perform many times at various event, so when I had the idea to write a duet, she was my first choice for vocals. A true professional in the studio!

Morgan Groenewald has always had a passion for singing. It has been a way for her to express her thoughts. "Talking is hard and always seems to be forced, but when I write songs, I am able to express more clearly the depth of what I feel in a particular situation." This quote from Morgan perfectly describes her musical journey. Christian music is the main genre she enjoys and most recently has written songs for each of her 2 children. She has recorded the song for her first son at Bright Lights Studio. More to come!


Alvin Musqua is a singer/songwriter from the Keesekoose First Nation in Saskatchewan and a founding member of the band Rainbow Ryder. He has played with many artists and had songs appear on radio all over Canada. Alvin has recorded 2 songs at Bright Lights Studio with more to come.

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